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Top Lead Generation Trends for 2018

Let’s face it, as a B2B marketer what you want most are high quality, highly engaged leads. That is sometimes easier said than done, as lead generation trends change frequently due to the constant changes in technology and buyer behavior. Gone are the days of cold calling, as consumers are beginning to be targeted in a much more personalized and genuine manner. Here are some of the top trends which will boost your lead generation strategy in 2018.

Get Personal With Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Recent research on B2B Marketers, done by MarketingProf, suggests that email marketing is the top channel for driving leads, identified by 73% of participants.

The problem many marketers face is getting the most out of their email marketing campaigns and the highest ROI possible. Something as small as including the recipient’s name in the subject line or providing personalized recommendations based on behavioral insights could make all the difference. Though some perceive marketing automation, such as email marketing, as outdated, several types of researches show that in fact, email campaigns may bring the highest ROI at 38$ for every 1$ spent, as stated by Campaign Monitor.

Live Stream on Social Media

One of the best ways to connect with potential leads and engage with existing customers is by showing them your business in action. As a marketer, you could live stream interview with influencers in the industry, answer questions your potential leads may have or showcase company events. You can also conduct live webinars or show products and services in use.

Research done by the Content Marketing Institute found that 52% of B2B marketers’ have incorporated live streaming in their content marketing strategy. In addition, 32% of B2B marketers’ said that live streaming plays a vital role in their marketing success.

Though LinkedIn does not possess a live streaming feature yet, make sure to cross-link your live stream from Facebook or Youtube on LinkedIn as well. LinkedIn marketing campaigns are the top drivers of leads in comparison to all other social campaigns.

Partner Up With the Industry Influencers

It’s a common misconception that influencer marketing is merely used to promote consumer goods and services. Recent research by LinkedIn found that influencer opinions are among the most successful types of content for B2B buyers. Due to its misconception, not many B2B companies are utilizing this strategy and this could definitely play to your advantage as a first mover.

Find out which industry experts and successful entrepreneurs would have the most influence over your target and start building a connection with them as soon as possible!

Do Not Underestimate Content Marketing

According to HubSpot, B2B companies which are utilizing blogs acquire approximately 67% more leads than the ones who don’t. Content marketing is likely to be highly effective, because of its carefully customized information which suits your readers’ needs and interests. It’s a great way to convey your message, without being directly promotional.

Not only will you make your potential leads happy, by providing them with content they actually care about, but you as a B2B marketer will be acquiring the leads which actually fall into your target audience.

Follow the Industry Leaders

These are the top lead generation trends for 2018, which are sure to boost your B2B marketing initiatives. Make sure to follow the communication and technology strategies of the industry leaders to help you achieve your goals.

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