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6 Ways to Build Your Business Brand via a LinkedIn Marketing Campaign

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful marketing tools of the 21st century, though many business owners seem to overlook it. The platform is considered a primary connection -creating and lead generation tool, in addition to improving brand recognition throughout Business to Business (B2B) specialists. LinkedIn can and should be a vital part of your business’s social media marketing strategy.

Here are six ways you can utilise LinkedIn to build a successful business brand.

1. A Simpler Way of Recruiting New Talent

Perhaps one of the most obvious features of LinkedIn, but nonetheless sometimes overlooked. If your business is in expansion mode and looking for high-quality candidates who match your job listing perfectly, LinkedIn is one of your only solutions.

Whether through a simple general talent search or through a LinkedIn discussion group, you will have an array of qualified candidates at your fingertips in minutes.

LinkedIn’s efficiency in talent recruitment has arguably made it more effective than other methods of recruitment such as staffing agencies, career websites and job boards.

2. A Powerful Product Launch Alternative

In the past, a product launch meant a slew of information intended for different platforms, money, time and resources. It also meant press releases, e-mail marketing and banner ads. Thankfully this is no longer the case, as LinkedIn provides a platform for B2B companies, which acts as a multipurpose distributor of new product information to everyone who may be interested, such as media, bloggers and consumers.

In addition, due to LinkedIn’s professional reputation, more businesses are showing confidence in the platform’s product launches, as opposed to Twitter or Facebook.

3. Lead Generation Solutions Made Simple

LinkedIn is an effective lead generation solution for online entrepreneurs who are looking for more effective alternatives to banner ads, e-mail marketing and squeeze pages. As an effective and cost-efficient B2B and B2C platform, LinkedIn ensures lower visitor-to-lead conversion rates as well as improved cost per (lead) acquisition rates.

lead generation

4. Content Marketing Heaven

LinkedIn provides a diverse platform for rich content, but moreover, members bookmark their favorite profiles which provide the content they are looking for and are always excited to share it with their connections. Based on this, LinkedIn is a highly effective content distribution channel and one of the most vital business branding enhancement options. Though the platform you can not only share content with your followers and connections unimpededly but also access industry influencers and potential clients more easily though LinkedIn advertising. This not only provides huge content distribution solutions but also the unique opportunity for your business to show your insights and experiences to thousands of enthusiastic people on a daily basis.

5. Becoming More Searchable

It’s no secret that search engine visibility enhances the chances of success in online marketing. This being said, with an optimized profile (company page, profile), LinkedIn can be part of the solution as it makes it easier for potential clients and influencers to find you. Simple steps such as making your business title stand out, describing your company thoroughly, using the right keywords and linking back to your website, can enhance your brand visibility tremendously.

6. Leveraging LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups should be a simple, yet vital aspect of your online marketing strategy. By creating your own LinkedIn groups within your industry or by simply joining existing groups and actively participating in them, you can help establish yourself as an industry expert. In addition, by sending members messages through LinkedIn Announcement with helpful and insightful answers to questions or comments, you will also help grow your following in the long-run.


Branding Your Business on LinkedIn – Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is an incredibly useful platform for business branding and should come naturally to all business. By using this diverse social network you will be able to showcase your past accomplishments, your current position in your market and what your business is capable of, given the right circumstances.

LinkedIn should be viewed as a positive business investment for those looking to expand their business both locally and globally. It has the potential to become a one-stop social media channel for all your social media services, content distribution solutions and integrated lead generation solutions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help with setting up your LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns.

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