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A Short Guide to Better SaaS Marketing

tips for better SaaS marketing

All industries have become incredibly dynamic, as consumers are changing rapidly. The internet has made a vast array of information accessible to anyone in a few simple clicks, which is especially true in the SaaS industry. In addition, with the coming of the internet, consumers are now capable of acquiring product and service reviews from their peers quicker and more efficiently, before even purchasing.

There are many other changes in the SaaS buying process and you must understand all other areas effectively in order to be able to reach out to your consumers effectively. There are four main factors which you must focus on if you would like to capture the attention of your customers:


1) Vendor engagement is not required for the buyer to make a purchase
During the not-so-distant past when buyers intended on making a purchase, they were required to interact with the seller in order to gain more information on the given product or service. Nowadays, social media allows consumers to be more connect and makes it possible for them to gain access to information from their fellow peers, making word-of-mouth advertising an incredibly effective or detrimental factor of your business success.


2) Unique value is important when against recognizable brands
Unfortunately, consumers will continue to choose brands which they recognize and are familiar with, instead of the unfamiliar ones, unless they see that the latter brings them some type of unique value. In this regard, it is very important for any business to have an impeccable brand strategy, which can help put your brand on the map.
What are your core values and what does your company and brand stand for? How would you like consumers to view your brand? Do you want to be seen as a luxurious or quirky brand? These are only a few of the many questions you should consider when creating your brand strategy.


3) Represent your brand simply
As an unfamiliar brand, you must dedicate resources into educating your consumers on the unique selling points of your product or service. Create an easy-to-use trial and communicate with language which your target audience uses. Avoid using jargons and creating operation guidelines, if you want a fighting chance among your competitors. Show your potential customers how you can make their lives easier.


4) There’s not only one decision maker
Always keep in mind that there are multiple decision-makers in the buying process. In fact, nowadays, the main decision maker steps in at the final buying stage. Other people may be in charge of checking different services and products before the options are presented to the final decision maker. Though these people are not the core decision makers, they have the ability to influence the opinions of others.

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SaaS Buyer Strategies


Since the SaaS buyer experience has changed, we must also shift our strategies in the way we represent our products and services to buyers. You should not specifically change the selling strategy but should adjust the product or service while keeping sales in mind. Note the following factors which will help engage SaaS enterprises more:


Single Sign-On

As mentioned previously, consumers like everything to be as simple as possible. Try to adjust your product or service, so that it only requires a single sign-on, as it eliminates administration efforts.


Login audits

Many documents are passed from person to person and between departments, so much so that something people lose track of who has access to them. By creating a feature through which you can track who accessed a given document and what changes have been made to it, you can eliminate any unwanted mistakes that might have occurred.


Limited credentials

In addition to the above-mentioned feature, you could create one which gives different types and levels of access to a given document. This could help protect sensitive information in the event that the credentials were lost.


Multi-level security

Consumers have many cybersecurity concerns. Create a more appealing product or service by ensuring high levels of security and addressing prevalent issues by implementing solutions.  


In Conclusion

Though there is no specific formula to having the effortless SaaS solution to a wide array of buyers, a great marketer knows the thought process of his target consumers, what kind of interactions they have and what kind of information they have access to. Through proper research, you can increase your revenue and your conversion rates drastically.


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