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Fill Your Calendar with Meetings with These Appointment Setting Tips

fill your calendar with these tips

Whether you are stressed out for having too many appointments starting from Monday morning, or the opposite – worried about lack of the meetings you had throughout the past week, setting appointments can be a struggle and let’s face it, we have all been there.


This article will give you a few tips and hacks on how to optimize and set up your calendar to make sure that your week will be as productive as possible.


How to fill a calendar?

A common saying in sales is that one should just keep calling and approaching prospects, everything else will follow. However, successful sales agents will confirm that without having a proper strategy and sales pipeline, these efforts would, unfortunately, be a waste of time. Efficiency is the key word when it comes to managing the limited time and resources that you have.


Target and Retarget

One of the most important lessons in digital marketing is to target a specific audience with specific materials or campaigns customized to their needs, instead of just shooting blindly in the dark.

The second step in this process is simply retargeting. You can acquire the emails of your prospects and follow up through Facebook for example or any other channel which suits your audience so that you can keep your brand fresh in their minds.


Optimize your CTA and Landing pages

Every single page on your website has to have a CTA as well as your phone number or other contact forms. There are a few things you can do to make sure that you are optimizing the properties of your website to increase the conversion ratio.


Market yourself within your niche

Being present wherever your prospects are is another key to creating value for your customers. Getting noticed on an event, a webinar or online platforms where your prospects are spending their time can show them that you are on top of things, socially available and approachable, which creates a good value proposition.


Create Social Media Sales Funnels

Any social media platform can be used as a tool to generate leads. All it takes is being actively involved and building a good brand. If you manage your online reputation properly, you will be amazed by the number of prospects that will start trusting your business through your online persona.

sales funnel

Add Value and Build Your Reputation as Someone Who Helps – Not Sells

Nobody likes to be sold by a pushy sales agent whose main focus is his own targets and sales pipeline. On the other hand, prospects appreciate having someone to turn to when they have questions or need advice. Marketing yourself as such a person can help you get more meetings with your prospects.


Analyze Feedback

There is only one way to make sure that you are being consistent with your results: analyzing the stats from Google Analytics, heat mapping on your website and focus groups when it comes to delivering the right message.


Appointment Setting Tips and Calendar Management

As soon as the calls start coming in regularly, managing the calendar properly should become your priority. Operating your calendar efficiently is crucial for keeping these conversations rolling. Here are a few ideas that you can implement right now.


Make sure you have prep time
Taking extra 10-15 minutes for preparation before the meeting can ensure that everything is in order. Winging the presentation can work for certain individuals but even the most successful presenters prefer spending a few minutes before the meeting to perfect their pitch.


Debriefing time is also essential
Debriefing time after the meeting can be as important as the prep time beforehand. Whether it was just a phone conversation or a physical meeting, debriefing helps you to get started with your team or just to sweeten the relationship further with your prospect.


And, please remember

Always let the prospect know when you can’t make it.


If you need help or more information, just send us a message.

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