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B2B Marketing & Sales

Many B2B sales and marketing teams are struggling in today’s consumer climate.

By leveraging today’s top trends to support sales, DaLead Source can help your organizations achieve more success than ever before. Keeping your customers happy is incremental to driving revenue and we know that.

Our team aims to make the sales process of your products/ service memorable at every touch point, from contact centre to lead generation, customer retention and digital campaigns.


Our approach combines alignment between Sales and Marketing and this for most marketing teams,gives the ability to generate more leads and convert them easier into sales. Our 360-view of your customers, tailor made marketing automation, innovative planning, and multichannel support ensures that your brand offers positive experiences at every step of the buyer’s journey.

The secret to having success with personalization is data. Using data enables us to customize content within targeted campaigns, so the right message gets to the right prospect at the right time. Start leveraging data for each unique persona.

In today’s age of the customer, DaLead Source finds new ways to understand customers, focus the client’s message and content strategies on creating value, and partner with sales to better address buyer expectations.

Lead Generation Services

How We Help Businesses Succeed?

We use Multi – touch Lead Management process to reach out your potential customers.

Fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads!

DaLead Source provides multi-channel lead generation services, which will get you in front of target prospects. With focus on lead quality, we ensure you that you will spend time only on qualified leads.

Based on our lead generation experience in specialized industries and marketing Automation technologies, we help you scale your sales team.

We utilize our mastery of the prospecting process over multiple channels – voice, email, social, chat and web.

Understanding your business requirements is essential part in order to design a lead generation solution that delivers simply what you need: qualified sales leads and appointments.


LInkedIn Marketing Campaign & Lead Generation System

linkedin logo

Global Reach over 500M Professionals.

Promote your content in front of your target prospects.

LinkedIn is №1 PLATFORM for lead generation

Most people think of LinkedIn as a great place for networking, researching contacts and searching the job market, but it’s true value as a lead generation tool has yet to be fully realized.

Using Systematic approach for generating leads consistently, we position yourself as a leader and real expert in your industry. Is all about building long-term relationship and about changing or creating people perception of you and your business.

Reach your target market through our tailor-made campaign including the following:

• Profile Optimization include improving your headline, summary section and others.

• Research of your Prospect Profile. Our Account Manager will help you find and connect your high value prospects.

• Identify & Join Targeted Groups

• Script Creation

• Building a large database of high value LinkedIn connections – Your Profile Target Prospect.

• Create your LinkedIn Group

• Promote Content to your target audiences on desktop, mobile & tablet. Make your content in different format: SlideShare Presentation, blog post, infographics

• Running a long-term messaging & LinkedIn group campaign and delivering strategic marketing messages on your behalf.

• Customized Messaging Strategy include a 5 message LinkedIn campaign

• Drive Brand Awareness……

• Build Relationship and Generate leads . Drive awareness & Lead generation by promoting content marketing campaigns. Differentiate yourself from your competitor

You will arrive at a continual flow of new leads every month !

Affilate Partner of Linked University Program

Appointment Setting

business appointment
We prospect – you close !

DaLead Source’s B2B Appointment Settings lets your B2B Sales team get back to focusing on the hotter opportunities. We will go through the time consuming and frustrating cold -calling and pre-qualifying activities and will take care of the B2B list.

Our solutions are created for your unique value proposition and our team consist of a fully-trained dedicated agents, focused in delivering you sales qualified leads.

You will benefit from improved performance and all you have to do is convert them into business deals

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